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Shipping Service

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Tankers, Bulk carriers. Container vessels, Passenger vessels, Tramp vessels, Heavy Lift, Project vessels, Gas Carriers, Tugs, Barges and Salvage, Customs Entry & Clearance, Cash to Master, Cargo Solicitation, Vessels Managers, Cargo Transshipment, Stevedoring Oversight, Loading and Discharge, Owners’ Protective Agency, Intermodal Management, Disbursements, Automatic brokerage payments, Computerized Documentation

Dry Docks , Equipment Control, Ship Spares, Dock Arrangements, Pilots, Tugs, Line Handlers, Hold Cleaning, Berth, Bunkering, Lubes, Waste Disposal, Water ,Stores, Crew Changes , Crew Welfare, Certifications, Suez channel ,meeting assist , helicopter dispatcher TRAVEL PACKAGES,TRANSFERS ,Ticketing ,InternationalTrips ,Corporate Travel ,Hotel Reservation, Ticketing, Transportation

Sites mobilization ,Surveying processes and surveying vessels ,certified labors , heavy equipment (cranes ,forklifts, generators ,trucks ,low bed trucks ,etc)refilling cylinders , Underwater welding,Rent places of residence, administrative offices and caravans , ship chandlers,medevac serves , tank cleaning ,The parent company owns two companies operating under the umbrella of investment

Workforce: Approximately 300 employees.
All port of Egypt

MaxMarine Group

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